Speaker Nancy Pelosi Responds After Trump Announces Declaration Of National Emergency

Mitch McConnell?announced on the Senate floor Thursday afternoon that Donald Trump will be signing a?funding deal that will avert another government shutdown tomorrow, which includes $1.375 billion in funding for roughly 55 miles of new barriers along the southern border.?McConnell also revealed that Trump will be declaring a national emergency to fund his demand to build a border wall.

McConnell originally advised Trump against doing a national emergency, but he has caved and said he will support Trump, “I had an opportunity to speak with President Trump and he, I would say to all my colleagues, has indicated he’s prepared to sign the bill. He also [will] be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. I indicated I’m going to support the national emergency declaration.”

Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded quickly to Trump going with an emergency and said that Democrats are prepared to respond with “appropriate” options. She also warned the GOP that if they let Trump get away with this, the next Democratic President will be able to use emergencies as well, including for things like gun violence, “You want to talk about a national emergency? How about gun violence? Why don’t you declare that a national emergency, Mr. President?”

“We will review our options. We will be prepared to respond appropriately to it. Republicans have uneasiness because if president can declare just think what a president with different values can declare, Speaker Pelosi said.


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