Special Counsel Mueller Deals Major Blow To Trump & Giuliani’s Interview Strategy

It certainly appears that Trump not being a “target” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was a strategic lie because Mueller and his team’s actions are proving otherwise. We’ve heard for months now that Trump wants to set his own terms for his interview with Mueller, most importantly being getting Mueller’s questions in advance.

But today we have learned that Mueller and his team have outright rejected the request that Trump will be able to get the interview questions in advance and be able to answer the questions in writing, according to a “source familiar with the process.”

New Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani confirmed that things are not going Trump’s way as negotiations continue over the interview, saying “We both have issues we want to resolve.” Most think Trump will never sit for this interview and will choose to plead the fifth. He is probably just trying to stall and buy himself time.

A Monday night WSJ report revealed that Trump isn’t even able to make it through a mock Mueller interview. Over the course of four hours, Trump only managed to answer two questions because he wasn’t taking it seriously and wouldn’t stop interrupting and babbling.

Mueller’s denial of a written interview and giving Trump questions in advance is a major blow to his defense as there is a high degree of probability that he will end up lying or misleading investigators during the interview, which is of course a criminal offense.


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