The Mercers, Responsible For Kellyanne & Bannon, May Have Just Cost Trump 2020 Election

Elections cost a lot of money for a reason. You have to get your message out to voter’s and the cable networks that can do that ain’t gonna do it for free. In this day and age, you need wealthy backers and a lot of fundraising to have any chance of winning, and Donald Trump just lost arguably his most important backer from 2016.

The somewhat secretive Mercer family was one of Donald Trump’s biggest and most influential backers in 2016. They contributed at least $15.5 million, that we know about, into different organizations that worked to elect Trump. They also invested $10 million into conservative media company Breitbart News, which may be the next biggest conservative media company currently operating after Fox News.

The Mercer family had so much pull over Trump and his campaign that they were directly responsible for Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway joining Trump’s campaign. Rebekah Mercer was a senior member of Trump’s presidential transition team, and the family donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration fund.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Mercer family played a major role in getting Trump “elected,” but guess what they are doing for 2020? Nothing! A prominent Republican strategist told Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, “They’re gone.”

Sherman reported, citing at least 6 additional sources, that the family and their money are choosing to remain nearly absent from the 2020 elections. They are directly quoted as not being interested because of how Trump has performed in the White House. Why it took them so long to realize he would be a disaster leaves one scratching their head, but at least they realized it now and took themselves out of the game.

Another reason they are gone is because they were involved with Cambridge Analytica and were “spooked” by the FBI’s investigation of it. “They’ve been destroyed,” a former West Wing official told Vanity Fair. A final possible reported reason is that the Mercers simply did not want Hillary Clinton to win for personal reasons. Either way they are gone and there is nothing to indicate that Donald trump has figured out a way to make up for the massive hole in funding that they left behind.


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