Time to Worry About Coronavirus After CDC Contradicts Everything Trump Said About It in India

The fact that Donald Trump is a habitual liar is not debatable by any measure and anyone who disagrees is not credible. Because of this and the fact that it is our lives we are talking about here, we need to look at Trump’s statements about Coronavirus with great skepticism.

Not only do Donald Trump’s statements he made in India today about Coronavirus appear to be outright lies, he showed that he actually has no idea what’s going on with the virus and we shouldn’t listen to a thing he says anyway.??I think that?s a problem that?s going to go away,? Trump said about the virus. ?Now they have studied it, they know very much. In fact, we are very close to a vaccine.”

“We’re really down to probably about 10 [cases],” Trump also said at his press conference in India. The facts, which are pretty damn important when talking about an actual pandemic, are that at least 50 (CDC) Americans have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and that we are not anywhere near close to a cure. Trump has no damn idea what’s going on with this thing.

While Trump just made stuff up off the top of his head about Coronavirus, the?Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?s (CDC) National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases?director Dr. Nancy Messonnier, came out and sounded the alarm just this afternoon on Coronavirus. Whether you want to worry about this or not is up to you, but the facts are that the CDC director is telling you to.

?It?s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses,? Dr. Messonnier said. ?Disruption to everyday life might be severe.? Excuse me but what? Why is the president telling us not to worry but the director of the CDC is?

Speculating here, but Donald Trump has tied the stock market to how good he thinks he’s doing in office. The stock market is beginning to crumble and is down significantly as people like the CDC director begin sounding the alarm. Trump could be saying things are fine because that’s his hope.

The other possibility is like we said earlier, his statements show he has no damn idea what’s going on. He doesn’t know how many people actually have Coronavirus and he thinks we are “close” to a cure. Because he’s not informed, he may truly think everything is fine.

Either way, Trump is asleep at the wheel! And don’t take it from us, GOP Senator Mitt Romney, who is in fact on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, said today that, ?I?m very disappointed in the degree to which we?ve prepared for a pandemic. At this stage, I think we are substantially underinvesting in what would be appropriate for a setting which could be serious.?

CDC director Dr. Messonnier said she is sounding the alarm because, ?The data over the last week and spread in other countries has certainly raised our level of concern, and raised our level of expectation that we are going to have community spread here, so that has changed our tone.”

To prepare for Coronavirus, you could stock up on things like canned foods, rice, water, and basic medical supplies. Worse case, you just consume all that stuff down the road, since the whole point is that it lasts a long time. Most supermarkets only have about 2-3 hours of stock in them at best. What would cause them to not have enough stock? Simple. If the truck drivers catch Coronavirus in an outbreak.

At this time, there is absolutely no need to panic, but worrying is fine. A large bag of rice and some extra water is something most can afford. It’s some pretty cheap insurance, especially when you consider that Donald Trump is supposed to be protecting us from this. Do we need to say anymore?


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