Top House Intel Dem Just Gave Trump Jr The Worst News Possible

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, has confirmed a sneaking suspicion of pretty much anyone who has been following this Trump-Russia collusion scandal since its inception. Schiff has confirmed that the House intelligence committee has far more information about this scandal, than has been reported and made available to the public.

“There’s an awful lot more [intelligence] than that’s even in the public domain,” Schiff said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” You can see and confirm this quote for yourself in the clip below. It’s a must watch, as this is a significant step forward in this scandal. Here we have the leading Democrat involved in the House’s investigation, confirming that there is more information than we know. This comes after we just learned these past few days, that Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer to receive damaging information on Hillary Clinton, courtesy of the Russian Government.

During his interview, Schiff also all but confirmed that these bombshell revelations about Trump Jr, are indeed evidence of collusion. And again, this isn’t some random TV personality being speculative, this is one of the top people involved with the House’s Russia probe. You can watch below, as Schiff confirms that Trump Jr’s meeting was indeed, evidence of collusion.

This is the worst news imaginable for Donald Trump Jr, and the Trump team as a whole. Schiff is literally saying that Trump Jr is nearly without a doubt, in serious trouble. Schiff is saying that what Trump Jr did is evidence of collusion, and that there is even more evidence that hasn’t been reported on yet.

Schiff’s comments are also the best confirmation heard to date about this scandal, for the public. We’ve all long speculated that there almost has to be more information that hasn’t been released yet, so now we know for sure. It was entirely possible that the publicly available knowledge about this entire Russian scandal, was more or less everything that the investigations knew. Now we know that the investigations have, “an awful lot more” than we do.


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