Trump Accidentally Admits He Supports Confederates & Posts Racist Footage of Former President Obama

There has been little difference between Donald Trump and Confederates over the past 24 hours, as he fully defended literal Confederate flag waving protesters while also posting a piece of footage with so many racial undertones in it, that it would take all day to fully break it down. Last night during his press conference, Trump in fact admitted he supports Confederates, as we will see.

Just this morning, Donald Trump shared a modified piece of footage of former President Obama’s face added to an actor’s face from a T.V. advertisement. This footage was put together by the Trump campaign and even features music at the end that you know Trump has never listened to in his life.

Trump posted this racist footage of President Obama and then last night, he defended the armed anti-lockdown protesters/Confederates who demonstrated at state capitals across the country over the weekend. Trump did nothing but praise them by fully supporting them and saying, “You’re allowed to protest,” and that he’s “with everybody.” Exactly, he’s saying right there that he’s with Confederates!

The Confederates that were out over the weekend weren’t putting any effort into hiding themselves as they were captured by numerous people out at the protests waving Confederates flags. Trump also confirmed that he’s seen the footage of the protests, which he obviously loved because these same people were waving Trump flags, as seen in the capture below,  “I think these people are, I’ve never seen so many American flags. I’m seeing the same thing you’re seeing.”


Just like with Charlottesville, Trump praised these people immensely, “I’ve seen the people, I’ve seen the interviews of people. These are great people. Look they want to get , they call cabin fever, you’ve heard the term,  they’ve got cabin fever. They wanna get back. They want their life back. Their life was taken away from them. And you know, they learned a lot during this period.” This is defending Confederates, plain and simple.

Trump fully acknowledged last night at his press conference that he is fully aware of all the protests that happened over the weekend, “I’m seeing the same thing you’re seeing.” He also directly said he supports the protesters and that he’s “with everybody.” This is full on support for Confederates, plain and simple. A non-racist president would have specifically disavowed the Confederates. They may have a constitutional right to wave those flags, but they don’t have a right to demand we support them.

This lack of disavowal of the Confederates, combined with the racist footage of President Obama from this morning, is legitimately scary. The nation is in a crisis and let’s not kid ourselves, those Confederates wave around those flags and love their guns because given the opportunity, they would love to take back control of this land. That will never happen, but with Trump supporting them like this, they are definitely going to become braver, if you know what I mean.


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