Trump Accidentally Admits He’s Treating The Presidency As A Reality T.V. Show

President Trump on Wednesday greeted reporters at the White House by welcoming them back to the “studio” as they arrived for his first cabinet meeting of 2018.

“Welcome back to the studio. Nice to have you,” Trump said, as reporters filed into the room. You can see it all in the clip below.

“2017 was a year of tremendous achievement, monumental achievement actually,” Trump said to begin the meeting, “I don’t think any administration has ever done, has done what we’ve done, and what we’ve accomplished, in its first year.”

Trump’s fame exploded when he hosted “The Apprentice” on NBC. Many have pointed out that the T.V. show was the only thing Trump was ever good at and that he basically acts like the Presidency is a T.V. show.

His comments today proved it, as we all can agree that the Trump administration is more akin to a reality T.V. show circus. Trump even praised his meeting about DACA from yesterday, saying it, “got great reviews.”


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