Trump Admin To Rollback President Obama’s Nursing Home Regulations ‘People die from this’

Millions of our senior citizens are in imminent danger as the Trump administration prepares to roll back more regulations enacted during former President Obama’s administration, which were put into place to protect the approximately 1.3 million residents in nursing homes.

Trump’s administration says that the rule rollback will reduce the “burden” on nursing home operators, but the truth is truly sinister. “People die from this,” Elder Rights organization Long Term Care Community Coalition executive director Richard Mollot said of this upcoming rule change.

One of the main rule changes impacts how anti-psychotic drugs are prescribed and administered to residents.? NPR explained the current system in a podcast released today, “Currently, if a nursing home resident gets a new prescription for an anti-psychotic, it can’t be renewed after two weeks without a doctor’s exam. But under the proposed rule, the Doctor could keep renewing the prescriptions for [months].”

So the Trump administration essentially wants to make it easier for nursing homes to load up residents on drugs, rather than actually giving them real care. Of course people will die when patients can keep getting powerful drugs without being evaluated.

But don’t worry, the Trump administration says this will save nursing homes $600 million. NPR points out that even if there are savings, there is no provision requiring nursing homes to use the money to improve services.

This is of dire importance because the baby boomer generation has just reached the early stages at which more and more of the generation will start making their way into nursing homes. The generation is expected to bring more people into nursing homes than in history, simply due to the historical size of the generation compared to previous generations. Its called the “baby boom” generation for a reason.


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