Trump Admits Ordering Staff To Obstruct House Democrats’ Investigations Into His Administration

Donald Trump made some concerning statements today about House Democrats’ investigations, while he was leaving the White House to waste his weekend away at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Trump was asked, “Are you telling your staff not to comply?”

Trump refused to deny that he is ordering his staff to obstruct the House investigations and requests for documentation and other evidence. “It’s just a continuation of the same witch hunt. They know it, and behind closed doors , they laugh at it. It’s just a continuation of the same nonsense,” Trump said, as seen in the footage below.

If Trump had nothing to hide he would just comply and tell his staff to comply because being transparent should clear him of any wrongdoing, but instead he is doing the opposite. Trump has recently been trying to attack special counsel Robert Mueller’s expected report and make the case that it is illegitimate.

Once again, if Trump was innocent, he wouldn’t be worried about Mueller’s report, but he clearly is. He admitted that it is going to prove he obstructed justice because he admitted that on Fox News this morning! ?For two years we?ve gone through this nonsense. There?s no collusion with Russia?and there?s no obstruction. They?ll say, ?oh, well wait, there was no collusion, that was a hoax, but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax,?? Trump told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo in a Fox Business interview that aired this morning.

Trump admitted right there that people will interpret the report as proving he committed obstruction! We are close to the breaking point with Trump and the pressure has been building to see Mueller’s report for a very long time now. There is going to be intensity from both sides once the report is finally released, so get ready.


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