Trump Admits To Willfully Sabotaging United States Federal Government Because We ‘Don’t Need” It

A new interview with President Trump was published today, in which he described his explicitly stated plan that he is actively employing, which is to sabotage the Federal Government by purposefully refusing to fill hundreds of vacant federal positions that require a presidential appointment. Trump explained that our federal agencies are “unnecessary” and that we “don’t need them.”

“I’m generally not going to make a lot of the appointments that would normally be — because you don’t need them,” Trump said, “I mean, you look at some of these agencies, how massive they are, and it’s totally unnecessary. They have hundreds of thousands of people.”

Trump refused to elaborate on what agencies he thinks are unnecessary that we “don’t need.” Trump has failed to enact any major legislation and has only managed to ruin things that the vast majority of the country, even Democrats and Republicans, completely agree on, such as DACA. The fate of important parts of the government are now up to what President Trump deems as necessary. Does the problem with that even require an explanation?

This is similar to a relatively new business “strategy” used by crooked and greedy number crunchers when they take over a business. There are small groups of worthless business people who will take over a company and then completely gut it, knowing full well that by doing so, the business will fail. They don’t care however, as they do it just to reap higher short term profit. The goal is to squeeze every last drop of profit out of the company while it sinks, and the first thing they do to save money is to start firing as many people as they possibly can, to the point that the business barely functions.

This is the thinking that self proclaimed business “expert” Trump is using here. His goal is to maximize the benefits he receives from the government, because he doesn’t care whether the country succeeds or not. He wants to reduce the size of government to justify tax cuts for the rich.

A database maintained by The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service monitors roughly 600 key federal positions that require a Trump nomination and Senate confirmation, shows that only 307 positions will be filled under Trump, leaving half vacant. And that doesn’t include the total 1,200 government jobs that require Senate confirmation. That means that Trump is eliminating 75% of important federal jobs that exist to maintain and run federal agencies. The only word that describes this accurately is sabotage.


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