Trump Aide George Papadopoulos Caught By Mueller Was Secret Contact Point Between Trump & Putin

There is now a convincing set of evidence that former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos met with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the 2016 campaign and was Putin’s main connect between Russia and the Trump campaign. Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying FBI agents about communications he had with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. that were for the purpose of setting up a meeting between Putin and candidate Trump.

Concrete evidence places both Papadopoulos and Vladimir Putin in Athens, Greece, at the same time, meeting the same people, in May of 2016. Both were in Greece to meet with Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, whom is an ally of Putin. Panos Kammenos was a key foreign contact for George Papadopoulos during the 2016 presidential election, and they met and spoke regularly.

The footage below shows Putin landing in Greece on May 27, 2016 and actually meeting  Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos on the tarmac. Also below is a photo of Papadopoulos with Kammenos.

Screenshot from footage

Here’s where it gets interesting. A Greek media outlet places Papadopoulos in Athens this same exact week that Putin landed to visit. During that week, Papadopoulos himself posted an image of himself with President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos on social media.

Even more damning, during this week that Putin was in Athens, Greek media noted how unusual it was that Papadopoulos met with all of Greece’s top leaders, titling their report “George Papadopoulos and the secret visit to Athens.” The media outlet confirmed that Papadopoulos met with Greek National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who we saw greeting Putin on the tarmac in the footage above.

At minimum, this blows Trump and the White House’s lies that Papadopoulos was a low level player right out of the window. This guy was clearly the actual connection between Trump and Putin. Since we know Papadopoulos has plead guilty to save himself from Mueller, we can only imagine what is coming next.


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