Trump Called Out By Mayor Of El Paso Texas Just Hours Before Trump’s Visit & Wall Rally

Donald Trump is traveling to El Paso tonight to hold a rally in support of his border wall, where he will try to use the?Texas border city to make his case for declaring a national crisis at the border so he can build a wall. Trump should really stay home and leave Air Force One parked, because?Mayor of El Paso Dee Margo, directly called out Trump this afternoon for being flat out “wrong” about his claims regarding El Paso.

Just hours before Trump was due to land in El Paso (about 8 PM ET),?Mayor Dee Margo made an appearance on CNN where he directly refuted Trump’s claim that El Paso is safer because it has a wall.?Mayor Margo said that the border city only has a fence and that it is not the cause of crime dropping in the city. You can see it all in the following segment.

Trump claimed during his State of the Union that El Paso was safer because of the fence it built, “Now, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of our safest cities.” But as the segment above noted, crime was already dropping before the fence and basically remained about the same after the fence. Trump announced his pointless visit late this morning, “Will be heading to El Paso very soon. Big speech on Border Security and much else tonight. Tremendous crowd! See you later!”

Mayor Margo also called out Trump’s lies right after the State of the Union. Its interesting that Trump and Republicans call the news fake, but they are completely ignoring the coverage of Mayor Margo. It just shows that they don’t care about the truth and that all they care about is their agenda.


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