Trump Answers If He’s Been Tested for Coronavirus at Press Briefing in Worst Way Possible

The nation wants to know whether Donald Trump has been tested for Coronavirus for good reasons, as we will explain in this post. Something very serious is going on because Donald Trump abruptly abandoned a critical press conference tonight on Coronavirus and left his team standing at the podium.

It is now confirmed that Trump came into direct physical contact with multiple people, including GOP Representative Matt Gaetz, who themselves are being tested for Coronavirus after coming into direct physical contact with someone confirmed to have the virus. There is in fact, a non zero chance Donald Trump has Coronavirus. His close proximity to someone infected with the virus puts him at a higher risk than otherwise.

Gaetz is just one of multiple GOP Congress people who is now under quarantine and is being tested, so logically Trump should be tested too, considering he rode on Air Force One this morning with Gaetz. Mike Pence, Trump, and members of his administration, held a Coronavirus press conference this evening, where reporters were ready to ask Trump about him getting tested.

But Trump, someone who loves to rant and rave to the press, had one of his shortest appearances ever and only spoke for a little over 3 minutes tonight at the press conference. This is highly suspicious because Trump had nothing else planned for tonight, which was one of the reasons he was even able to make an appearance at the press conference.

Trump abruptly walked out of the press conference while everyone else at the podium remained. Reporters quickly shouted, “Have you been tested!?” but Trump did not stop to answer. This is the worst possible response he could have had. Mike Pence then took the podium and reporters seized the opportunity to ask him if both himself or Trump have been tested.

Pence then ducked and dodged on answering. “Has he been tested? Have you been tested?” reporters asked.?”Uh. I have not been tested for the Coronavirus,” Pence answered. Reporters then stated the facts and said, “He’s been in contact with people who were in proximity to somebody who has the virus.”

“Let me be sure and get you an answer to that. I honestly don’t know the answer to the question. But uh, we’ll refer that question,” Pence responded. If Pence doesn’t know if Trump has been tested, wouldn’t he also probably not know why Trump ran out of this press conference? You can see the moment Trump ran off in the footage below.


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