Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton Just Before Calling for National Prayer as Coronavirus Crisis Gets Worse

Most states have just set up drive through testing for Coronavirus and the cases and deaths are shooting up by the hour. We are now at 3000 cases and 60 deaths, but Donald Trump decided that the best way to spend his Sunday morning was praising Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump praised an ongoing right wing legal attack on Hillary Clinton just before posting that “TODAY IS A NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER” and saying “GOD BLESS EVERYONE!” Trump dredged up Hillary’s emails again by sharing a court action against her and saying, “Great Job by Judicial Watch. Potentially a treasure trove. Too bad you are not given more help, but it will all work out!”

As the nation tries to figure out how serious this virus is, here is Trump digging up not only Hillary’s emails, but wait for it, Benghazi. When will it ever end? The article in the post he commented on states, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills have asked the Court of Appeals to overturn a U.S. District court order granting Judicial Watch?s request for their depositions about Clinton?s emails and Benghazi attack records.”

Apparently part of this ongoing lawsuit against Hillary Clinton is that this group believes the “cover up” with Hillary’s email is related to Benghazi. How they are even able to keep bothering Hillary with this after she was cleared of any wrongdoing is beyond us.

Either way, how can we have a national prayer day ordered by the same person who is attacking Hillary Clinton over emails and Benghazi? This is what happens when you have a conspiracy theorist in the Oval office during a real crisis.


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