Trump Attempts To Send Mike Flynn Secret Message To Save Himself While Departing White House

Mike Flynn’s guilty plea is trouble for Trump and the White House, as he could possibly reveal damaging information about top Trump officials and the president himself, to special counsel Robert Mueller. Sources close to Flynn have said he feels abandoned by Trump, which is probably what led him to take a plea deal with Mueller.

In an attempt to get Flynn back on his side, Trump sent him a secret message while answering questions from reporters on the South Lawn at the White House today, before he boarded Marine One.

“Well, I feel badly for General Flynn,” Trump told reporters, “I feel very badly. He’s led a very strong life. And I feel very badly. They destroyed his life, I think it’s a shame.” You can see his comments in the footage below, where he also attacks Hillary Clinton, as usual. Notice where Trump looks when he says, “I think it’s a shame.” He looks right into the camera, because he’s speaking directly to Flynn.

Trump is trying to send Flynn a message, which is that Flynn should not feel abandoned by the president. Trump’s statements convey a sense of empathy for Flynn, by saying that he feels bad for Flynn.

But the secret message here, is that Trump is willing to pardon Flynn to make things right. Trump will now look for any reports on how Flynn may respond to his statements from today. If Flynn says something to the effect of, “I’m glad the president understands what is happening to me and my situation,” then you’ll see Trump pardon Flynn. If Flynn ignores Trump, then Trump will know that means it’s too late to pardon Flynn, because he has already provided too much information to Mueller.


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