Trump Barely Holding It Together After His Campaign Analyst Reports Worst Case Scenario

The 2020 elections will be here faster than you know it because summer tends to go quick, as well as the holidays. The effort to make sure Donald Trump is not re-elected will be even bigger than the 2016 election and it is already showing that.

Trump himself is literally barely holding it together after he was informed by his own campaign pollster, Tony Fabrizio, that a 17 state internal poll analysis they ran returned a worse case scenario result for Trump. Public polls in key swing states are already terrible for Trump, but his 2020 campaign’s own analysis found that it truly is that bad.

Trump was told by Fabrizio that he is losing in a hypothetical match up against former Vice President Joe Biden in many of the states he needs to win, including key states like Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In other words, Trump is facing a total landslide loss in 2020.

After being informed of this information, Donald had to rework his world view because it had just been shattered. In response, Trump instructed his aides to say publicly that his internal campaign data shows him doing well. Trump also reportedly started calling former advisers who “have not heard from him in years,” and discussed his losing polls compared to Biden, in an attempt to try and understand why he is facing a certain loss.

As long as folks stay engaged, Donald Trump will be relatively easily defeated in 2020. I’ve been saying it since 2016, had voters knew that Trump was going to “win,” many more people would have come out and voted for Clinton in key swing states. Trump “won” by less than 100,000 votes. The polls had Clinton up by so much that I do believe many younger people did not bother to vote because they thought she would win anyway.

Trump had the advantage of few people in the country thinking he had a chance to win. He doesn’t have that for 2020 and he has been a disaster as “president.” Like I said, as long as people remain engaged, whoever we are honored to have as our 2020 elect, should be able to soundly defeat Trump and restore order.


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