Trump Blames Europe for Spread of Coronavirus to Cover Up His Own Failed Response

What does Donald Trump always do when backed into a mess that he created for himself? Deflect, distract, and blame others. That’s exactly what Trump did tonight, by attacking the European Union and using them as a scapegoat for his own failure to take Coronavirus seriously.

“Taking early intense action, we have seen dramatically fewer cases of the virus in the United States that are now present in Europe. The European Union failed to take the same precautions and restrict travel from China and other hot spots. As a result, a large number of new clusters in the U.S. were seated from travelers from Europe,” Trump said tonight, fully blaming the EU for Coronavirus.

After this nonproductive slander and deflection, Trump then announced a full ban on all travel from Europe to the US for 30 days beginning this Friday. For whatever reason, this travel ban will not apply to the UK, so it truly makes no sense whatsoever.

In all seriousness folks, if you aren’t worried now, you should be! Think about this. Trump just banned all travel from Europe after just getting caught up on Coronavirus in the past couple days. What does this mean? It is seriously too late. Travel should have been banned long ago. You can guarantee that this should have been done some time ago if Trump is just doing it now. God help us all.


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