Trump Bragged About Saving Carrier Jobs, But Here’s What Really Went Down

The braggadocious president, who has a long list of so-called accomplishments, lauded his Carrier deal. Shortly before the election, Trump put on a semblance to score votes, saying he negotiated an agreement with Carrier to preserve 1000 jobs at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant.

The truth is that Trump’s Carrier deal is a massive bust. Before this week, Carrier had already laid off roughly 300 people, and the company just announced its next round of 215 layoffs set for this week.

Carrier is moving work to its plant in Mexico. According to Carrier, the plan is to “relocate fan coil manufacturing production lines.” The statement adds, “Following the transition, Carrier’s Indianapolis operations will employ approximately 1,100 people.”

Trump and Mike Pence put on a dog and pony show to trick Americans into believing that they are heroes. In reality, they gave Carrier a bunch of tax dollars for their stunt, and Carrier moved operations to Mexico anyway.

Another critical factor is that Carrier relocating operations to Mexico proves the GOP’s tax bill doesn’t benefit the little guy or add domestic jobs. Carrier will pocket their tax breaks and save even more money by moving operations to Mexico, profiting doubly while American workers get left in the dust.


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