Trump Calls His Own Interview Where He Criticized Britain’s PM “fake news” BUT Here’s The Evidence

Yesterday Donald Trump gave a remarkable interview with the Sun, where he strongly condemned Theresa May’s leadership by saying her Brexit strategy will “kill” any future trade deal with the U.S., backed her rival Boris Johnson for prime minister, and accused the mayor of London of being weak on terrorism, while also claiming Europe is “losing its culture” due to mass immigration.

Trump was confronted about these inflammatory remarks today during a joint press conference with May, where he said he has a good relationship with May and claimed his interview with the Sun was not quoted in full.  “It’s called fake news,” Trump said. You can see it in the footage below.

It was horribly embarrassing to watch as the Sun has published an audio recording of Trump’s criticism of May that backed up the comments. Trump was asked about his comments in two separate press briefings with May, the first of which is below, where he looked visibly upset for being called out for his remarks right in front of her.

The proof that Trump made all the comments the Sun published can be listened to below in the audio recording the publication released. This is the same interview in which Trump admitted that protesters got to him and made him feel unwelcome in London.


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