Trump Campaign Now Refusing To Cooperate With Mueller, So Mueller’s Taking It To The Next Level

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have issued a subpoena to President Trump’s 2016 campaign for documents related to the campaign’s contact with Russia, according to a new report, confirmed by multiple sources.

The new report states that Mueller’s team issued the subpoena in the middle of October. The subpoena requested documents and emails that include keywords related to Russia, from over a dozen top campaign officials. The subpoena reportedly does not compel testimony before a grand jury and Trump’s campaign team was allegedly “surprised” by the subpoena because they have been “voluntarily cooperating” with previous requests from Mueller’s team.

What’s shocking about this is that the Trump campaign and “camp” have been holding the public position that they are fully cooperating with Mueller’s investigation. But if that were so, then why would Mueller feel the need to subpoena the Trump team? Simple. Because they are not fully cooperating with Mueller. They have been attempting to hide emails and documents from the investigation.

If they were fully cooperating like they said they were, Mueller would not need to legally force and compel the surrendering of documents. Trump’s campaign began handing over documents to Mueller in September, with one lawyer that represents Trump saying the campaign was in “total cooperation” with Mueller’s investigation.

This subpoena is the first time we are learning of the Trump campaign being forced to turn over information to Mueller’s investigation. Previously, the only subpoenas we knew about were issued against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and several of his associates, as well as more that requested records from several banks connected to Manafort.

This is absolutely terrible news for the Trump camp, because this subpoena seems unrelated to Manafort and his charges. The FBI isn’t going to waste time with subpoenas unless they believe a crime has been committed, so you might as well consider this the strongest evidence yet that Mueller is truly going to indict a top Trump campaign official.


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