Trump Can No Longer Deny Testing After Brazil’s President Gets Coronavirus Test Results

Donald Trump’s failure to take Coronavirus seriously has increased the chances that he got it, and may possibly die from it, to incredibly high percentages. We already knew a Brazilian aide that Trump and his team met with over the weekend tested positive for the virus, but this morning we got confirmation that the situation is even more serious.

The breaking news this morning is that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has in fact tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Jornal O Dia, a major Brazilian newspaper. Numerous other sources are confirming his positive test as well, it’s official.

Trump was all over Bolsonaro this weekend at Mar-a-Lago, in major part because Bolsonaro is considered the Trump of Brazil. He is a right wing politician for sure. Trump had dinner with Bolsonaro, where he touched him a lot and ate food within direct proximity of the infected Brazilian president.

It is official. Donald Trump has been directly exposed to coronavirus. He must be tested. The odds that he has not been tested are minimal, though whether he will come clean and tell us the truth is a different story. At 73 with underlying health issues, Trump is the highest risk type of person to get the virus.

It is not conspiracy, but reasonable speculation and theory, that Donald Trump could be taken out by Coronavirus. Many reports say it can incubate from between 7 to 14 days, so we will know soon enough.

The science says the after someone is infected with COVID-19, they emit large amounts of the virus early after infection, according a German study. So whether Trump was infected depends on when Bolsonaro was infected himself. How much virus was he giving off when he had dinner with Trump?

You can’t feel bad for someone contracting this deadly affliction when they downplayed it as being no big deal and called it a Democrat hoax. It’s hard to even imagine the karma of Trump potentially getting a Chinese virus named after Mexico’s most popular beer.


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