Trump Cancels Planned Visit to London, Blames Obama in Pathetic Excuse

Trump has done a marvelous job of alienating America’s closest European allies, most notably the U.K. After Trump had attacked the Mayor of London while the city was in the midst of containing a terrorist attack, the people of London vowed to meet Trump with mass protests. When Trump learned he wouldn’t be met by cheering crowds, his desire for a state visit with all the bells and whistles disintegrated.

There was speculation that Trump would visit London for a “working visit” instead of a state visit to attend the opening of the new U.S. embassy. The proposed working visit would not have included a meeting with the Queen or the golden carriage ride.

Today, Trump officially called off the visit in a tweet. He accused former President Obama of selling “perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts.'” He went on to call the new $1.2 billion embassy in “an off location” a “bad deal.” The narcissist then claimed that Britain wanted him to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, but he said, “NO!”

The reality of the situation is that Trump didn’t want to run into the 1 million angry Brits who signed a petition to cancel his state visit.

According to The Daily Mail, British officials feared that Trump would “ignite the biggest protest since the Iraq War, which saw 1 million protesters marching in London.”

Only Trump would stoop low enough to blame Obama for his own cowardice.


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