Trump Claims He Got 52% Of Women Vote, But Here’s Why It’s Racism

Donald Trump falsely claimed at his Saturday campaign rally in Pennsylvania, that he got 52 percent of the female vote in the 2016 presidential election. “Remember, women won’t like Donald Trump,” he said. “I said, ‘Have I really had that kind of a problem?’ … We got 52 percent. And I’m running against a woman. You know, that’s not that easy.” Not only is this statistic patently false on its face, it is also undeniably racist.

Trump “won” over 41% of women overall, but won the 52% he claimed specifically with white women only. The statistic he gave at his rally is only true if you omit black and hispanic women. This cherry picked statistic can only be summed up as racism. Why else would he omit black and hispanic women? Because he doesn’t care about them.


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