Trump Complains About Upcoming House Vote on Impeachment Report, Here’s The Truth

Chairman and Representative Adam Schiff of the The House Intelligence Committee will lead a vote this Tuesday evening on the new impeachment inquiry report, which will detail the exact constitutional grounds for the legal congressional removal of Donald Trump from the White House. The vote is scheduled for 6 p.m. EST Tuesday.

Trump decided to travel to London for a two-day commemoration of NATO?s 70th anniversary this week and will be busy with that when the impeachment vote occurs on Tuesday. Trump got on social media to complain early Saturday evening by arguing that it is unfair that the impeachment vote will occur while he’s at NATO.

“I will be representing our Country in London at NATO, while the Democrats are holding the most ridiculous Impeachment hearings in history,” he?tweeted. “Read the Transcripts, NOTHING was done or said wrong! The Radical Left is undercutting our Country. Hearings scheduled on same dates as NATO!”

It was Trump’s choice alone to not be represented at the impeachment hearings and his complaint is highly misleading. ?Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Nadler informed Trump that he could be represented at the upcoming hearings and has already said that Trump, “has a choice to make: he can take this opportunity to be represented in the impeachment hearings, or he can stop complaining about the process.” So far, Trump has chosen to not participate at all, including not even sending any lawyers to represent himself.

There are many choices Trump could have made. He could have his lawyers there at the hearings to represent him, he could cancel his trip and send someone else instead, or many other options like cutting his trip short. The point is that it’s Trump’s fault that he is being impeached and it’s his problem to deal with. So what if impeachment conflicts with NATO? That’s the price he pays for doing impeachable things.

And as important as NATO is, it’s not that important for Donald Trump to be there. In fact, he always figures out a way to make himself the center of attention by being ridiculous. He gets negative attention overseas by disrespecting our allies and undermining our alliances.

Trump is following a strategy we previously analyzed this past Wednesday. Trump has been taking advice from “worst political strategist alive” Mark Penn, who has essentially advised Trump to ignore the House’s impeachment inquiry and go travel instead. This will turn out to be disastrous for Trump because all his complaining means nothing when he won’t even bother to participate in the process.

It doesn’t matter that he thinks impeachment is unfair because that’s not how our system works. I’m sure at least 90% of criminals hauled into court to be judged think the process isn’t too fair either. Trump can think the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate all he wants because it doesn’t matter, that’s not up to him. The fact is that it is legitimate and Schiff and Nadler are following the rules by the book.


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