Trump Explains Reasons Why He’ll Try to Block Bolton’s Testimony ‘for future presidents’

Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last night, in which he explained why he would try to assert executive privilege and block former national security adviser John Bolton from testifying in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

?So we have to protect presidential privilege. For me, but for future presidents,? Trump said to Ingraham, after being asked if he would try to block Bolton. ?I think you have to for the sake of the office.”

More like the sake of his office. Trump only cares about himself and there is no way he can expect anyone to believe that his desire to obstruct the impeachment trial has anything to do with him caring about “future” presidents. The stonewalling is all about saving himself from conviction.

?Especially, a national security adviser,? Trump continued. ?You can?t have him explaining all of your statements about national security concerning Russia, China, and North Korea ? everything. We just can?t do that. I would love everybody to testify…but there are things that you can?t do from the standpoint of executive privilege.? Trump meant to say that he can’t have people explaining all of his lies.

Trump also during this interview, stated that he does not owe us any reason as to why he carried out the Iran strike. ?Don?t the American people have a right to know what specifically was targeted without revealing methods and sources?? Ingraham asked Trump. ?Well, I don’t think so. But we will tell you that probably it was going to be the Embassy in Baghdad,” Trump responded. Maybe Trump felt comfortable because he was on Fox news, but this interview was extra atrocious.


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