Trump Flying In Helicopter Around UK To Avoid Protests, But Look What Protesters Came Up With

Donald Trump has gone to unusual measures to avoid historic protests against him as he visits the United Kingdom, with his main strategy being only visiting rural British locations and traveling by helicopter instead of car. His efforts have not saved him though, because a genius English marketing agency figured out a way to counter Trump flying in a helicopter to avoid protests.

Marketing agency The Tenth Man coordinated the creation of a crop circle placed perfectly in Trump’s helicopter route from London to Chequers in England that features the phrase “F— Trump” in Russian. You can see footage and captures of it below.

“We wanted to do something impactful that would get people talking ahead of Trump’s arrival, and everyone loves a crop circle mystery,” a Tenth Man spokesperson said. “It’s almost as big as Donald Trump’s ego so we’re pretty confident he’ll see it.”

Over 90,000 people are planning to protest Trump’s visit to the U.K. while he attempts to have a working visit with Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump’s schedule will keep him in more rural areas, including Chequers, to potentially avoid the large-scale protests planned in London.


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