Trump Gave Up Something For Nothing To North Korea During Summit, Or Did He?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump held a U.S.-North Korean summit at the Capella Hotel on Tuesday in Singapore, where Trump entered into an agreement that most consider to be a win for North Korea and a loss for the United States. The current situation with North Korea has basically remained the same after the meeting, except for one major concession Trump gave Kim Jong-un while seemingly getting nothing in return.

“We will stop the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money,” Trump said, referring to the joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises that North Korea has complained about for years. “Unless and until we see the future negotiations not going along like it should. We will be saving a tremendous amount of money. Plus, it is very provocative.”

There seems to be no one who is happy about this concession and people are struggling to figure out why it happened. It doesn’t make sense as to why Trump would so easily give up something for nothing. But when things don’t make sense like this, it’s almost always because you are missing some vital piece of information. Fortunately however, because of Trump’s big mouth, he may have revealed that he didn’t give up something for nothing.

Trump said Tuesday that he discussed building beachfront hotels and other real estate developments in North Korea during his meeting with Kim Jong Un. Trump specifically said that North Korea could have “the best hotels in the world.” Looking at this from Trump’s perspective, what hotels would he think are the best? Obviously his own. You can hear him say these words in the footage below.

This is the video Trump was talking about that he showed Kim. In it, there are many images and short clips of beachfront construction sites and development ideas.

They included those short clips to try and program Kim into wanting to develop real estate. Trump wants to open up North Korea, but only so he can snag up all the best beachfront real estate. He has only cared about the money since day 1. Is it possible that Trump agreed to stop military drills with our ally in exchange for the promise that he would get to build some Trump hotels in North Korea?


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