Trump Gets Laughed At Live on Air by His Favorite News Network Because of Mistake at Rally


If speculation is true about Donald Trump being on some kind of stimulants nearly 24/7, it sure looks like it was starting to catch up to him once again at his campaign rally last night in Wildwood, New Jersey. The rally was easily Trump’s toughest by every objective metric.

Trump had a lot of trouble going off script like he normally does, to the point that even GOP HQ Fox News was forced to cut away from covering his rally. Trump’s ability to speak is becoming so inhibited that even the only network that covers him favorably can’t deal with it. It got so bad that one of Fox News’ hosts began laughing at Trump while they cut the audio of him speaking.

“Democrats, decided to shield, and shelter, criminaqles,” Trump said, when his brain stalled out and he desperately tried to save himself. This is when the Fox host could be heard laughing. “Look, look, wait,” Trump said, before having his audio cut, as seen in the footage below.

GOP lemmings are trying to play up the attendance and turn out of this rally and make it seem like more than what it was. There have been claims of “hundreds” of thousands of people and Trump himself during the rally said, ?We have tens of thousands of people outside.?

But management officials from the Wildwoods Convention Center Officials said that the convention center where the rally was held only has room for 7,400 people. So once again, Trump is lying about his crowd sizes, a habit that really began with him lying about his inauguration crowd size. They want us to believe there is more support for Trump than there really is, but the truth will be revealed on election day this year when he is soundly voted out of office.


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