Trump Gets Owned 3rd Day in a Row by Jim Acosta & Admits He Needs Coronavirus Testing

Donald Trump held a news conference today at the White House, where he declared a National Emergency to free up billions in federal funds to assist states in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. Two moments of note during the conference were CNN’s Jim Acosta once again asking Trump the questions that need to be asked and Trump admitting he’s been exposed to Coronavirus.

“The person you were standing next to tested positive for Coronavirus. Dr. Fauci said this morning, if you stand next to somebody who tested positive, you should self isolate and get a test. You say your White House Doctor is telling you different. Who should Americans listen to?” a reporter asked Trump.

Trump started rambling and the reporter asked if he was being selfish. He answered, “I didn’t’ say I wasn’t going to get tested,” and that now he will “most likely, yeah,” be tested, “fairly soon.” Trump’s own words, as seen in the footage below, were that you should only get tested if you have symptoms. Trump has now moved from saying he doesn’t need a test, to admitting he will get one, his first full admission that he has been exposed to something he called a hoax.

Trump eventually ended the news conference and tried to run from CNN Jim Acosta’s last question. As he was walking away, Acosta managed to yell loud enough to get caught on camera, “Why didn’t the cases go down to zero Mr. President? You said the cases would go down to zero. Can you explain why that didn’t happen?” Trump may have ducked Acosta’s question, but Acosta still got it on the record and in the footage.


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