Trump Gives Jared Kushner New Job Overseeing Seizing of 800 Pieces of Private Property

Donald Trump has put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of overseeing the construction of his border wall, The Washington Post reported late Monday, which will give Kushner the most authority he has ever had in the White House.

Kushner will now be able to call meetings and decide how to use about $2.5 billion in tax dollars that Donald stole from the Pentagon?s budget in February after he declared a “national emergency.” Trump is doing this because he has failed to deliver on his promise of building a wall, after nearly four years, and time is running out.

The Trump administration promised to build 450 miles of new wall along the border before the end of next year to please his base. But only about 83 miles of wall has been built since the 2016 election and almost all of it has been replacements of sections that had already been built. Construction on the first new section of wall started in Texas just last month.

One of the main things stopping the construction of the bulk of Trump’s new border wall is that more than 800 filings to seize private property need to be made along the border. This shows how low Trump thinks of his own family, because Trump has clearly made Kushner the point person to share in the blame when people having their land seized revolt against the Trump administration. You can bet that the cameras will be down on the border filming while people see their homes destroyed to put up Trump’s wall.

Why isn’t Trump remaining in charge? He claims to be one of the greatest real estate developers and builders ever, so why would he not oversee the wall, considering it was his biggest campaign promise? The answer is that Trump doesn’t know how to build anything, he only ever made deals to put his name on things other people built.

Trump also realizes the disaster that is about to occur as the government tries to use eminent domain to take, by force, over 800 properties on the border. Many of these pieces of land are generational ranches and so forth and out of the 800, one can assume there are going to be people who are not going to let it go without fighting to their literal deaths. Trump is putting Kushner in charge so he can blame Kushner when this disaster goes down.


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