Trump Gives Reporter the Finger After Being Asked About His Senate Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump gave remarks today on changes his administration is making to the National Environmental Policy Act, where he flipped the bird to a reporter who asked him about his upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

“Would you support a deal for witnesses, if that included testimony from Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden?” a reporter asked Trump. Right after hearing their names, Trump extended out his middle finger and rubbed it on his face. He may have done it unconsciously, because he seemed to realize he was giving the finger on live T.V. and quickly moved his hand down and out of sight of the camera.

“Well I’m going to leave it to the Senate. But I’d like to hear the whistleblower, I’d like to hear Shifty Shift,” Trump responded to the reporter. The fact that Trump pulled his hand down quickly, provides strong evidence he really did just give the middle finger on live T.V. You can judge for yourself in the footage below.

Trump was announcing his administration’s changes to the National Environmental Policy Act that will make it easier for federal agencies to approve infrastructure projects without factoring in how those might impact climate change. There will no longer be a federal review on construction projects that the government is not involved in. This is a gift to the private sector to build whatever they want, without considering any impact on the environment and our climate.


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