Trump Goes Into Distraction Mode As Truth About North Korea Deal Comes Out

Trump is pumping out ridiculous statements on social media this Sunday morning, that even he must know are lies, after also giving a controversial campaign rally speech last night in Pennsylvania. Below is just a sampling of the crazy things he has been saying since last night. There is a reason he is doing this; to distract from his North Korea “deal,” because crucial details of the potential meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been revealed, as we will explore below.

That’s all just from last night. Look at what he posted this Sunday morning; he attacked Obama, made up fake news about all the congressional election candidates he supported, who then lost, and once again attacked Hillary Clinton.

So why is Trump doing all of this? It’s all because of his North Korea “deal.” It turns out that Trump didn’t take any time to discuss the offer of meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with his advisers before accepting, which surprised South Korean officials who delivered it to him at the Oval Office, The New York Times reported.

Trump is in distraction mode because the biggest story of the week, this potential North Korea meeting, was something Trump decided on impulsively and without taking the time to think it through. Because Trump rushed to accept the meeting, he clearly showed that he is not the “master” negotiator or deal maker he claims to be. What kind of deal maker literally instantly accepts the first offer they are given?

Isn’t that part of being a good negotiator? You don’t make impulsive decisions. But that’s what Trump did, and now he needs to distract from the North Korea meeting because essentially, he played himself. There is no way to spin his impulsive decision positively. It clearly shows that he is not fit to be leading the nation. This nation needs a leader who thinks through their actions. It’s ridiculous that even needs to be said, but here we are.


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