Trump Goes Full Bigot & Supports Anti-Muslim Group That Wants To Bring Back Public Hangings

President Trump early this Wednesday morning shared disturbing videos that show people who appear to be from the Middle East committing shocking acts. The clips were clearly cherry picked to further anti-Muslim bigotry. Normally Trump attacks terrorists and ISIS specifically, but his attacks on Muslims this morning have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. This is just straight up bigotry.

The videos are disturbing, so I’m not making them directly available here. If you’d like to see them, simply follow these links (#1, #2, #3). Trump’s social media shares with the posts can be seen below. Notice that the posts are against Muslims specifically, not terrorism. Again, these are cherry picked incidents to fuel bigotry.

Britain First Party, who is responsible for originally posting these disturbing videos that Trump shared, is known for being highly biased against Muslims and are completely crazy right wing “ultranationalists.” To put it in perspective, the Britain First Party wants to bring back public hangings and they want a religious war against Muslims in the UK.

The videos that Trump shared came from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of this Britain First Party. Earlier this month she was arrested for aggravated harassment after she verbally abused a Muslim woman.

By sharing these posts from this hate group, Trump is simply confirming our worst fears of him. He shared these videos because he clearly supports this bigoted group. Important to note, is that all the videos he shared, are not against terrorists. They are against Muslims specifically. Trump has been using toughness against terrorism as cover for his hatred of all Muslims.


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