Trump Goes Too Far Attacking Governors By Threatening To Use Defense Production Act On Them

It’s possible that someone close to Donald Trump has told him that he has no chance of winning re-election this year, because why else would he destroy his chances of winning the incredibly crucial for any candidate swing state of Michigan?

Trump officially went way too far today with his ongoing feud with multiple State Governors that are experiencing the worst outbreaks of Coronavirus in their states. Trump has been fighting particularly bad with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, yet just yesterday he said he wants these governors he attacks to, “be appreciative.”

Any hope of that happening was extinguished today after Trump said the following when answering a reporter’s question on whether he will be using the Defense Production Act again, “I would say we’ll use it again maybe once or twice. We have a couple of little problem children, and we’ll use it where we have to.” You can see this in the footage below.

Calling our country’s Governors “problem children” has just destroyed any chance of them getting along with Trump. People in Michigan will now be even more motivated to help vote Trump out of office. But even worse is what Trump clearly implied with his answer.

He is clearly saying that he wants to use the Defense Production Act again specifically to get back at these Governors. The president can use this Korean War-era statute to force certain American companies to produce materials that are in short supply in an emergency. But Trump just provided evidence here that he wants to use it as punishment for “problem children.”


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