Trump Has Racked Up Millions In Unpaid Bills At White House, Could Get Water Shut Off

This is one of those bizarre and infuriating situations that could only have been created because Donald Trump ended up in the White House. A detailed report on a recent meeting?of the Board of Directors for Washington DC Water revealed that Trump has brought his horrible habit of not paying bills to the White House.

Washington DC Water Board?s chief financial officer,?Matthew Brown, explained at the recent meeting that he received an email from a Treasury Department official saying that Trump’s federal government would not be paying all of their quarterly water bill, which totals $16.5 million.

Trump’s Treasury Department specifically said in the email that it would be stiffing DC Water for $5 million of the $16.5 million bill. Members of the board reacted to being stiffed by the Trump administration and immediately floated the idea of cutting off the water at the White House.?Water Board Chairman?Tommy Wells said, ?That brings up an interesting question. Is there a time from nonpayment when we cut someone?s water off??

Another board member was shocked at even the prospect of cutting off water to Trump’s temporary home and confirmed that the board was serious by asking,??1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is that what you?re talking about?? A serious discussion followed about whether the board could move to cut off water at the White House for non payment.

The board unanimously agreed that the answer is yes.??Conceivably, DC Water can shut off service for nonpayment to any customer,? DC Water spokesperson?Vincent Morris?confirmed in a radio interview that discussed this board meeting. ?We don?t do it very often, it?s a last resort, we never want to do it.?

The DC water board made it clear that they probably would not cut off water at the White House over non payment alone for quite some time, but they also actually discussed threatening to cut off water as a way to put pressure on Trump to end the shutdown.?DC Water spokesperson?Vincent Morris confirmed cutting off Trump’s water as being,??an interesting idea.?

We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump has brought every single one of his bad habits into the White House, but it is important to catalog and spread awareness so we can make sure he is out of office as soon as possible.


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