Trump Holds Press Conference After First Death from Coronavirus on U.S. Soil Confirmed

Numerous sources have confirmed that the first death on American soil as a result of Coronavirus has occurred. Details are limited right now on who exactly the person is, how old they were, or how they contracted the virus. The person died at Evergreen Health Medical Center in Washington State.

Earlier today, Trump announced on social media that, “I will be having a 1:30 P.M. Press Conference at the White House to discuss the latest CoronaVirus developments. Thank you!” But at the time of writing this, he is late to the Press Conference. This is certainly because this death was confirmed around 1 P.M., after Trump announced this conference. They are surely desperately figuring out what to say.

The American people have been mostly careful not to buy into the hype surrounding this virus, but with this death, things just got real. There are a minimum of 85,000 confirmed cases of the virus worldwide and at least 2,933 confirmed deaths. 64 cases have been confirmed in the U.S. and it is unknown how far it may have spread.

We hope you listened when we said days ago that you should stock up on supplies. It’s not too late. The world is not going to end, but it may be difficult to get some things soon. Also, with this thing spreading, you want to avoid areas like a supermarket anyway, which are hot beds for the virus to spread. The press conference, whenever/if Trump ever shows up, will be available in the footage below.


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