Trump Horribly Disrespects His Supporters Ahead Of Ohio Rally, But That’s What They Get

Donald Trump treated his supporters with the same amount of respect he shows for world leaders he hates and virtually everyone he meets; none at all.

Trump arrived a full 40 minutes late to his rally at the gym in Olentangy Orange High School, in a key Republican part of Delaware County, Ohio. The small packed gym experienced technical difficulties, resulting in a complete failure of the air conditioning units.

The extreme heat lead to at least “a few people” needing assistance from paramedics. What a terrible way to treat people who showed up to see you, but that’s what they get for supporting Trump.

Trump is attempting to support of Republican Troy Balderson, who is facing a difficult challenge from Democrat Danny O’Connor in a district that Trump won by 11 points in 2016. Times are tough for the GOP as the Blue Wave grows in strength everyday.


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