Trump Insulted Women At Gender Equality Breakfast At The G7 Summit This Morning

Donald Trump was scheduled to participate in the Gender Equality Advisory Council Breakfast this morning at the G7 Summit in Quebec, Canada, where he ended up arriving at least 15 minutes late and made a mockery of the event. Footage and photos of the incident perfectly sum up how rude his behavior was, as seen below.

Trump arriving late was also caught on camera, and you can see the women seated at the table near him react with disappointment at his rude behavior.

We all know Trump does not respect women, but it is still frustrating to see it in action. What are the odds that he did not do this on purpose? He probably went out of his way to be late to make sure that he sends the message that he does not respect women. How is it possible for the president of the United States to be late? With that kind of power, being late is a choice.


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