Trump Jr. Confirms Plans At His Dad’s 2020 Rally That Will Make Ivanka Trump Very Upset

I hope you’re ready for some jaw dropping information right now because Donald Trump Jr. confirmed last night at Donald Trump’s Michigan 2020 rally that he is strongly considering running for president in the future. Yes, you read that correctly.

Trump Jr. gave a short interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night, during which Hannity praised Jr. for all the “crowds” he’s “drawing.” Trump Jr. could barely hold back his smile as he was receiving the praise leading up to Hannity asking him, “Do you ever think about it, maybe one day, you want to run?”

“Right now, I’ll never rule anything out. I do enjoy it. I like being in the mix. I won’t rule it out for myself. But first things first, we’re going to let him finish up strong,” Trump Jr. answered. You can confirm his insanity in the footage below.

If you think Trump Jr. being insane enough to think he could win a presidential election is bad, wait until you hear that he’s not the only one of Donald Trump’s kids who thinks they can run for president. It turns out that Ivanka Trump also wants to run for president in the future and she is literally fighting with Trump Jr. about who gets to run first.

Journalist Vicky Ward is quoted in a new book that was released last week, called Kushner, Inc., where she says Trump?s former economic adviser Gary Cohn used to speak about? Ivanka: running for president. ?She thinks she?s going to be president of the United States. She thinks this is like the Kennedys, the Bushes, and now the Trumps,” the book states.

The book even claims she ?has a hissy fit? when Trump Jr. gets good press. ?It’s not exactly a secret in the White House that Ivanka has a hissy fit whenever Donald Trump Jr. gets positive press,? Ward said. ?She gets especially irked over articles speculating about his political future. Potential fratricide?? Ivanka Trump is not going to be happy that Trump Jr. essentially announced his future plans first.

But who cares about Ivanka’s feelings. What should matter more is the fact that either of these two spoiled brats are even considering running for president. This country cannot survive some kind of Trump dynasty. But we learned our lesson during the 2016 elections, which is why Democrats saw great victories during the midterms that will carry over to the 2020 elections.


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