Trump Jr Mocks Me Too Movement & LGBT Community During Conservative Conference

Donald Trump Jr. was given an open stage and a highly far Right crowd to speak to today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which he gleefully used to dehumanize and mock the “Me Too” movement and the LGBT community.

Trump Jr. started making his jokes after one of the women on the panel he was part of, Becki Falwell, announced that she recently welcomed a granddaughter into the world named Reagan. Trump Jr. responded to the announcement and claimed that he had pushed for the girl to be named Trump, to which Jerry Falwell responded that the “Trump” name was not “feminine.”

Trump Jr. didn’t seem to like that so he decided to put down transgender Americans by joking that, ?We?re gonna take a page out of the liberal playbook. It doesn?t matter, it doesn?t matter, we can identify how we want.?

Becki Falwell responded that ?she is a daughter? and that “we?re raising her as a girl. We?re not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are gonna be. And God decided she was a girl.? Her husband then added that she will definitely have a doll because, ?My boys always had guns in their hand.?

?Hashtag Me Too,? Trump responded, who then looked around at the panel around him to see if they thought his joke was funny. One man at the far end of the panel laughed but also shook his head, signaling to Trump Jr. that he went too far. This entire gross exchange can be seen in the footage below.


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