Trump Just Kissed French President Emmanuel Macron’s Wife 10X Better Than His Own

French President Emmanuel Macron’s State arrival at the White House is well underway and the awkwardness of Trump is showing at every corner. Trump’s media events are carefully crafted and controlled to avoid making him look bad, but they can’t hide everything during these candid and public state visits. The most awkward situation so far is seen below, during a greeting session between Trump, Melania, and Macron’s wife Brigitte.

Trump leaned in for a double kiss with Melania, but missed her face by at least 6 inches. Even more awkward, is that directly after he failed to kiss his own wife, Trump planted two kisses right on Macron’s wife’s cheeks. Check it out in the footage below.

Trump was barely able to hold Melania’s hand during the ceremony and had to test the waters with his pinky, as seen in the footage below. These two have zero communication and Trump is afraid of just being able to hold her hand.


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