Trump Just Made Horribly Racist Remarks Against Hispanics To Cheering Crowd In Florida

Today Trump hosted a tax cuts for Florida small businesses round table public event in Hialeah, Florida, where he made what are most certainly some of his most racist remarks ever about Hispanics in America.

Trump spoke about how much easier taxes will be to fill out for most Americans and discussed various ways he think his tax cuts will help small business. But as he was getting started, he uttered the following; “Are there any Hispanics in the room? I doubt it.” What’s even more disgusting is that the crowd seemed to react in favor of his statement too by cheering loudly. You can see it in the footage below.

As can be seen in the next footage below, Trump babbled about how great his tax cuts were for all of America, which means he really thinks Hispanics don’t pay taxes at all. He must think Hispanics are incapable of owning small businesses and don’t pay taxes, even in a relatively diverse state such as Florida. Florida has the second highest Latino population on the East Coast outside of New York state, which makes his statement clear racism, plain and simple.

Trump even seemed to imply that all his past affairs were bad choices, but at the same time said they were also “great” choices.

This racism cannot stand. The midterm elections are coming up and it is crucial we use our legal right to vote to rid this country of Trump and the GOP by voting Democrat. Feel free to check out our Midterm elections headquarters to see how we are helping elect Democrats this year.


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