Trump Just May Have Been Given All The Reason He Needs To Start A War With North Korea

Bad news folks, something we all feared but reasonably predicted, has unfortunately just happened at the end of this week; President Trump’s poll numbers have jumped up, after he spent this week escalating tensions with North Korea and threatening nuclear war.

President Trump’s approval rating has jumped a fairly large 6 points to 45 percent in a Rasmussen poll, that put him at a lowly 39 percent approval rating in the exact same poll last week. This is also the highest approval rating Trump has received from the poll in a little over four weeks.

Rasmussen tends to be a right-leaning poll, but that won’t hurt it being championed by Trump. Keep in mind that the facts and objectivity don’t matter here, because Trump receives all his news in two daily curated folders of propaganda. There is little chance this poll won’t make it into his daily packages tomorrow.

This poll is so dangerous, because it clearly shows that his base is loving his behavior, and that’s all Trump is going to focus on. The poll shows that 45 percent of Americans support a military option to counter North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. We know that Trump really cares about what the public’s opinion is about him, so he will certainly want to keep doing more of this.

He is going to view this increased support as all the reason he needs to go to war with North Korea. Historically, this country does rally around its Presidents when we enter armed conflict. Support tapers off overtime, but Trump isn’t exactly a long term thinker and clearly cares the most about the short term.

Trump was flatly asked today if the U.S. will go to war with North Korea, to which he responded, “I think you know the answer to that.”


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