Trump Just Mocked Spanish Language & Forgot When He Visited Puerto Rico At His Hispanic Heritage Month Event

President Trump held an event today at the White House for Hispanic Heritage Month. At the start of the event, Trump appeared to forget the timing of his visit to Puerto Rico from Tuesday of this week, and also went off his teleprompter to mock the Spanish language. The event was also filled with obvious fake Trump supporters, such as the one below.

Trump seemingly forgot that he visited Puerto Rico 3 days ago, after he called Melania onto the stage with him at the beginning of his speech, and said that, “And by the way, we just got back from Puerto Rico together, and it was uh, it was really…it was quite a sight, we’re doing a great job there.” He looked excited as he was speaking, and almost described his visit as “fantastic” or something of that sort, before he caught himself. Later during his speech, when reading off his teleprompter, he mentioned that he visited the island 3 days ago. You can see it all in the clip below.

Trump then mocked Español by going off teleprompter and said “Puerto Rico” three times with a ridiculously bad accent. He then laughed and spoke with his normal voice and said, “And we love Puerto Rico.” At minimum, it was incredibly cringe worthy, and you can see it in the clip below.

As the social media user posted below, this is how Trump really feels about Hispanics, making this entire “event” an obvious farce.


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