Trump Just Screwed Up & Shared An Image Of Him Standing In Front of Burning American Flag

President Trump’s habit of posting to social media seems to have caught up to him yet again, as an image he shared this morning, appears to show him standing in front of a burning United States flag while giving the “peace” sign. Due to all his self manufactured controversy lately over disrespect of the flag, Trump is not going to receive the benefit of the doubt when people see this photo.

The images below show what Trump posted to social media. The flag on the right of the image has an orange glow on it and the bottom of it is shorter than the flag in the same position on the left. This one is a bit subjective, but there appears to be no other reason for the flag on the right to be glowing orange, as if it was on fire. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

There really appears to be no other explanation for the orange glow on the right flag in the image. There is obviously no orange in the U.S. flag, so why is it there? I’d be open to alternative explanations for the orange glow on the flag, but the most reasonable conclusion is that it is a burning flag.

Due to Trump’s habit of sharing memes and images created by random users on social media, there have been people attempting to bait the president into sharing something on his own account, that would be insulting to him. This doesn’t seem to be one of those scenarios, especially considering that actually pulling off such a task would be quite the undertaking. But this does show that because Trump shares so many things on social media, he is destined to eventually unwittingly share something that will be highly negative for him.


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