Trump Lands In Belgium For NATO Summit & Gets Something Worse Than Protests

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump landed in Brussels, Belgium early this afternoon, for the highly anticipated NATO summit starting tomorrow. Upon landing and disembarking off Air Force One, the Trump’s received a welcome they never have before; none at all.

As Trump was escorted through Brussels to his accommodations, absolutely no one cared that he was there and no one gathered to wave at him or even protest him. Belgium was playing in the World Cup as he arrived, but not everyone watches Soccer. People just couldn’t be bothered by his presence.

Numerous Belgians took to social media to report the odd occurrence. Trump craves attention and having no one show up to see him is going to leave a blow to his ego. He would probably prefer protesters over no one at all. But it gets even worse than there just being no one there to protest or wave to him, as we will see below.

On top of this, as Trump exited Air Force One upon landing, two of the most important figureheads of the Belgian government were nowhere to be seen.

Charles Michel, who is the current Prime Minister of Belgium, and King Philippe of Belgium, both pictured below, decided not to greet Trump after he landed in the country. I’m sure they remembered one of Trump’s statements from 2016, where he horribly insulted Brussels, so why would they want to greet him?


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