Trump Leaves America Truly Speechless By Putting His Face On Classic Rocky Balboa Poster

We’ve all seen the millions of headlines about how Donald Trump “shocked” the world or left people “speechless” that are published every single day, but today those headlines are an understatement.

Trump has truly left America and the rest of the world speechless by posting a modified poster of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. Trump presented without comment, the post below to his Twitter. It features his head super imposed on Balboa’s body.

This is of course a modified version of a classic promotional capture for the Rocky movie.

Without any comment from Trump on this post, we really have no idea what Trump was thinking. It certainly seems like he has officially given up on being president. This is at its core highly immature and childish. I guess we can assume he is just trying to be funny, but this is just pure disrespect to the office of the presidency because it reduces the office to a complete joke.

Overall the reactions on social media are mixed between complete confusion and counter jokes such as the image below. Since we are speechless ourselves, we aren’t sure what else to say about this so feel to share your opinion in the comments.


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