Trump Leaves For NATO Summit As Europe’s President Gives Him HARSH Warning

Donald Trump?departed the White House this morning for the NATO Summit in Brussels, just as the?president of the European Council gave Trump a serious warning ahead of the summit.

President of the European Council?Donald Tusk warned Donald Trump?that he is isolated on the world stage and suggested that he should think twice before criticizing the European Union. Tusk told Trump just an hour before he left the White House, that?Trump should appreciate his allies.

?Dear America, appreciate your allies, after all you don?t have that many,? Tusk said, “Dear President Trump: America does not have, and will not have a better ally than Europe.”

Tusk also posted his statements on social media for all of us to see, but he also said that, ?for a long time now Trump has been criticizing Europe almost daily for, in his view, insufficient contributions to the common defense capabilities, and for living off the US.”??European Union officials say Tusk privately believes Trump is ?dangerous.”

Trump is travelling to Brussels today for the NATO meeting and will arrive around 9 P.M. EST. He will also visit the United Kingdom later this week where there are mass protests planned against him.


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