Trump Makes Dark Prediction That People Will ‘Die’ Over Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia Investigation

President Trump discussed conversations he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vietnam on Air Force One Saturday, and issued a concerning prediction that is clearly a passive aggressive threat against special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Trump once again took Putin’s side and said he believes Putin, when Putin says that he did not play a role in the Russian penetration of the 2016 election. He then pivoted to his new talking point, which is in many ways a passive aggressive threat against special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Trump dismissed the allegations of Russia meddling that have resulted in Mueller’s probe as being a conspiracy started by Democrats. He then literally argued and predicted that people will die because of the probe, “This artificial Democratic hit job gets in the way and that’s a shame because people will die because of it. And it’s a pure hit job.”

Trump believes that Mueller’s Russia probe could hurt the U.S. and Russia’s diplomatic relationship so badly, that the Russians will be less willing to cooperate on North Korea and other international crises. Another way of saying this would be that Trump thinks Mueller’s probe will cause an inevitable war in North Korea.

Why would a lack of cooperation with the Russians on North Korea cause people to die, according to Trump? The only way people are going to die over the North Korea situation, is because of war. The fact that Trump has just linked war in North Korea to Mueller’s Russia probe, completely on his own, provides evidence that he sees a war with North Korea as an escape strategy from the investigation into his campaign and obstruction of justice.

“Everybody knows there was no collusion,” Trump said, “I think it’s a shame that something like this can destroy a very important potential relationship between two countries that are very important countries Russia could really help us.” This is one of the most concerned developments thus far as Mueller conducts his investigation, as the president is siding with Russia and blaming the probe for a potential loss of life.


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