Trump Makes Fatal Decision For House Judiciary Impeachment Hearings Starting Next Week

Sources close to Donald Trump and White House staff are reporting that he is not expected to send a lawyer to represent himself next week?s impeachment inquiries led by the House Judiciary Committee.

There are two main theories floating around about why Trump would not bother to have professional legal presentation. One theory claims that Trump wants to be able to keep claiming the impeachment process is rigged, while the other states that Trump’s allies believe he is winning the impeachment battle.

Without a lawyer, Trump will be completely reliant on his defense from GOP operatives Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and John Ratcliffe, so Democrats do not have much to worry about. This gives House Democrats a massive advantage in continuing to build the case for impeaching Trump because Trump will essentially have no defense whatsoever in these imminent House Judiciary hearings.

House Democrats have totally countered any claim that this process is “rigged” because they made sure that Trump knows he has access to an attorney during this next set of hearings. Their guidance for the hearings says this, ?The president?s counsel may question any witness called before the committee, subject to instructions from the chair or presiding member respecting the time, scope and duration of the examination.? Seems totally fair to us.

This is a terrible strategy for Trump and shows that he is receiving poor advisement on defending himself against impeachment. Not sending a lawyer seems to follow advice Trump got last week about impeachment from Mark Penn, which was essentially that he should not do anything. Democrats need to capitalize on this weakness from Trump and enjoy building a powerful case for impeachment without any push back from him in the upcoming House Judiciary hearings next week.


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